Backyard Landscaping Trends – What’s Hot on the Market in 2015

Backyard Landscaping Trends What is Hot on the Market in 2015

I’ve been always very curious of finding new landscaping and gardening ideas, things I could personally consider implementing on my own backyard and share with everybody else. In my exploration online and offline, I have found quite a few trends that are equally amazing and inspiring and that’s why today I want to tell you more about them.

Ditching the Lawn

2015 backyard trendsMany people these days are finally coming to terms with the fact that having a front lawn is just too much work. You need not only buy a lot of fertilizers and water it frequently, but at the same time no one guarantees that in the end it’s going to grow to be the green and beautiful lawn you were expecting.

However, people have been recently moving away from this and are replacing their lawns with an incredible mix of pathways, rocks, grasses and so forth. This is bold move in my opinion and it definitely makes a lot of sense.

The Birds and the Butterflies

With all the push of bringing the indoors out or the outdoors in, you’re certainly going to deal with critters along the way. What most people try to do is fend them off, but my advice is that you consider welcoming them.

Whether you’re someone who wants to stick to native plants which will obviously attract birds and butterflies or someone who wants to build a chicken coop so you can easily gather fresh eggs, it’s recommended that you try to embrace our fellow creatures. If you think about it, this is what coexisting with nature is all about.

Artful Gardening

There’s no doubt about it: landscaping is a very deep art form that’s based on focal points, color, textures, composition and a lot more similar components. Despite that, there are still many people who have decorated their property in a tasteless and tacky way. It really makes me think if people really love those massive rusty flowers, those shiny pinwheels or those pastel colored banners.

Luckily, I was refreshed to see that there are also people who know how to landscape their property. With a single sculptural piece placed in the right spot, they can easily elevate their garden or front yard for instance. So whether you go for stainless steel circles, a massive iron orb or trellis powder coated in Chinese orange, it’ll certainly make your property look a lot better.

Veggies Anywhere

Integrating vegetables into your landscape is easier than you can imagine. In fact, wherever you have some dirt and sun, you can easily plant some vegetables in order to greatly enhance your landscape.


More backyard design ideas for 2015When I was wandering among the funky houses in Venice, CA, I really loved the way homeowners (many of them were designers and artists) managed to create gardens that had so much soul in them. In fact, some of them only had to hang a cracked mirror by a tree or paint an old Charles Eames chair in cobalt blue to make their garden come alive.

When I saw them, I was reminded of the Wabi Sabi (a Japanese concept) which is all about finding beauty in imperfection. And when you think about it for a second, flawed and time worn pieces do create a sense of welcoming warmth and humor that’s hard to resist and I’m definitely tempted to consider using this concept for decorating my new home!